We believe that the PANDHY’S ™ brand has style. The style itself is to know who we are and where we are heading to. The essence of our style is creativity, constant movement, experimentation and growth. We consciously take risks and go against conventions. We believe that creating something special and achieving success is only possible by leaving the usual path. This is the way PANDHY’S ™ can be both modern, outrageous and at the same time classical, based on traditional elements. This is the same in the field of our salon services because just like in the creation of our products, we deviate from the usual path and we guide our guests into a world we have dreamed of for ourselves.

Our franchise salons equipment and decoration suggest fine elegance and high quality. Our mission is to raise the whole profession to this level through our beauticians. “Suffer for beauty,” they say, but we aim to prove that it can be different. Our treatments, be it depilation, body treatment or facial cleansing, are all designed to provide the greatest experience for both the guest and the beautician.


Nowadays, it is no longer enough to offer one or two types of alternatives to a treatment or product, everyone wants to have their own personal combination of active ingredients and services.  Our CosMix product line represents personalized beauty care available to everyone, so each treatment can become exactly what the guest and the beautician create together for that particular moment and situation.


The concept is based on the fact that we are all unique, thus our skin is completely unique as well and its needs might change from time to time.  Conventional skincare primarily tries to treat different skin types in their own categories, but the PANDHY’S beautique ™ concept serves the individual, his real-time needs and current priorities. Given the fact that the skin is constantly changing, it interacts with the environment, current conditions, it is affected by climate, lifestyle, sleeping habits, sleeping quality, eating habits, state of mind, emotions and much, much more.

Just as every element of our products has been created with scientific precision and creative ingenuity, so do our services. Entering a PANDHY’S Beautique ™ salon anywhere in the world fills the guest with the same pleasant feeling, charm, warmness, which represents both arriving home and exploring the possibility of a new experience. In addition to the impressive look and elegance in the details, the complexity of the treatments makes the whole experience to feel perfect.

Everything in the salon works according to the strictest hygiene standards, thus after the treatments, UV and ozone cleaning and air exchange take place in the cabins. In addition to this, a separate shower is also available in each changing room for the convenience of our guests.

As well as the high level of service and maximum hygiene, sustainability is also an essential factor at Beautique, this is the main idea behind the packaging of our products. Our guests receive the freshly blended products in 100% recyclable and refillable aluminium bottles and jars on their first purchase, and later in refillable bags designed for them, in order to avoid unnecessary plastic production and help in saving our world.