Gertrud Borbíró

More than 20 years ago, I accidentally dropped into the beauty industry as an economist. In the meantime, I retrained myself as a cosmetic chemist and formulator. I have developed my first brand, PANDHY’S ™ safe cosmetics, which started with sugar depilation, from a single product to a professional product line with hundreds of elements, countless patented formulas and processes. Various international brands have emerged from the CosMed company, and reached markets in more than 40 countries on 5 continents. With the launching of the PANDHY’S ™ beautique franchise system, we are opening a new chapter. I honestly believe and hope that we can offer novelty and worth not only with our products but the services as well.  A large amount of accumulated knowledge and the gained international experiences help us serve our guests in the highest possible quality. 


Katalin Sinzinger

My story with the PANDHY’S brand started 4 years ago, when I joined as a sales manager for Germany, and soon, under the seduction of products and treatments, I became an international instructor so I could travel and represent our company worldwide. As a result of the unique synergy of our working relationship with Gertrud, I became Chief Operational manager, when my most important task became to develop the franchise concept.  The first franchise salon of PANDHY’S beautique in Buda is not only my pride because we have created something special and unique, but also because we have managed to build a team in which we are sincerely enthusiastic about each other’s successes and work.  I find it a real privilege that my work has become my passion and that I can share its fruits with more and more colleagues and guests.




My passion is the world of gastronomy, which sounds pretty weird as an employee of a beauty salon, even though the threads come together. When I first entered the store I was very caught up in the elegance of the place. For the second time, the kindness of the staff, which was expressed by giving me a taste of the deservedly famous sugar paste. I know it sounds weird, I didn’t believe it either, but I have to admit it was very delicious. It is reassuring to know that a product is being used on the skin that can be eaten with a calm heart. That’s what caught me in PANDHY’S beauty: natural, environmentally conscious and high quality!



I’m Petra, I’ve always been close to the world of beauty. Before joining this team, I worked in luxury brand stores. I’ve always been passionate about clean elegance, professionalism, and excellence. I am delighted to have joined the professional team at PANDHY’S beautique, because for us, the most important thing is always the guest and the high level of service, in an elegant environment, with the highest quality products. I look forward to welcoming all beauty lovers.



I’ve been a fan of the beauty industry since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to find a job in this profession. I love trying and learning new treatments. I chose cosmetics because it has so many branches, I always know where to grow. I want my guests to benefit from the milieu that this salon can offer and that I can give. My favourites are relaxing treatments, massages for body and face, all here, with luxurious products and surroundings. I look forward to seeing all my dear guests who want to improve their skin’s condition and relax!



I was already preparing to be a beautician as a small child. This love has defined my daily life and career ever since. Continuous learning is important for me, in order to get informed about newer and newer procedures and techniques. Everybodies skin is unique, with specific skincare needs, so I prefer tailored treatments for the best results possible. I love the limitless possibilities of our sugar products. It is very important to me that my guests leave satisfied and that we manage to reach the goal of the treatment.



I truly believe that dreams can come true! It has happened to me because I have a profession that I pursue with my heart. I am proud of winning a professional competition so I can represent Hungary in 2022 at the WorldSkills Shanghai Beauty Competition! What is an even bigger gift for me is that I can work with a team whom we can cultivate this beautiful profession with at a really high level and all this in an exclusive environment. I believe in the importance of skincare. If you also do, then trust our high-quality cosmetics and my professional knowledge, and contact me with confidence!



I have been interested in the beauty industry since I was young, so I wanted to find a job in this field, and due to my many years of managerial experience in sales, I found all this in PANDHY’S beautique, where I can be part of a really special and excellent team. We welcome everyone who wants to be pampered, recharge and relax.




Hello, my name is Uyen. I’m 22 years old, originally from Vietnam and I have been living in Hungary for a year. I am working as a manicurist and pedicurist for 2 years. I am very pleased to be a member of PANDHY’S beautique and I am looking forward to see you on your next appointment.

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