We perform an oriental massage technique with a special metal Gua Sha tool. As a result of the harmonization of the lymphatic system’s function, the body starts its detoxification, the skin of the face becomes firmer, small wrinkles become lighter. This extremely spectacular anti-ageing treatment lifts and tightens loose skin, passively trains the facial muscles, instantly reduces the bags under the eyes and energizes tired, stressed skin.

Non-invasive facial muscle exercises. Our face trainer treatment is more than facial care, as our protocol includes strong, intense massage, kneading and muscle relaxation. We target 40 forgotten muscles of the face, which we relax and train at the same time. During our effective treatment, we use dynamic movements to stimulate blood circulation, collagen production and cell renewal. The muscles get lifted, the contours of the face become well-defined, we stimulate circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Your beautician will become your trainer for the duration of the treatment, at the end of which you will be given a series of home exercises to maintain the amazing result.

We offer a treatment that makes the guest feel a spectacular and immediate lifting effect. We designed our manual massage technique to work against visible signs of gravity. During our treatment,  the physiological processes of the connective tissue are accelerated, the blood and oxygen supply of the cells and fibers is increased, and ageing is slowed down. The blood supply of the muscles is also increased, as well as the hydration of the skin, which makes it incredibly smooth. This relaxing treatment brilliantly combines the comfort of recharging and the effectiveness of the treatment itself.

Indirect ozone treatment for mature, dry skin with anti-ageing effect.

Our electro cosmetic treatment provides pleasant relaxation, it is absolutely not painful, yet it nourishes the skin very effectively, it delivers the active ingredients deep into the skin, giving even hydration to the skin! During the treatment, after the cleansing, peeling and toning and the electro cosmetic procedure, a pleasant massage and a cosy wrap awaits our dear guests! With the help of COSMIX products, we use freshly blended creams tailored to your needs.

Using an innovative device, we deliver highly biocompatible collagen obtained from silk cocoons and hyaluronic acid of various sizes, to the deeper layers of the skin, thereby enhancing the natural regeneration of the skin and stimulating the formation of new cells. After this minimally invasive treatment, redness is observed, but there is no downtime after treatment, so the guest can return to work immediately after treatment. We finish the treatment with mineral make-up, which not only provides adequate UV protection but also nicely masks any redness after the treatment.

Our famous sugar paste has travelled all over the world and is admired in more than 46 countries. We use this famous substance in liquid form in this treatment, where our massage sugar turns into gold in our hands. With the help of our unique massage technique, we aim to tighten and tone the skin using a manual vacuum in a collagen induction process.

2 hours of pampering treatment, a multitude of the latest procedures within a single session, during which our client undergoes a complete renewal. With our compression thermotherapy wash, we already enhance the metabolic processes of the skin, thus preparing the skin for the absorption of the active ingredients used for the antigravity massage that follows. To increase the effectiveness, we also use an electro- cosmetic procedure for the better intake of the active ingredients, as well as special antigravity and vacuum massages. Refreshed and radiant skin is guaranteed after this treatment.

During our elementary treatment, we assess the current condition of the skin and with this in mind and with the help of our specially formulated active ingredients, we provide a personalized facial treatment that includes a facial-neck-décolleté massage and then a mask that fits the present condition of the skin. The treatment is closed with mineral make-up, which not only provides adequate UV protection but also nicely masks any redness after the treatment.

As a result of our Purity cleansing treatment, the pores are cleaned, dead skin cells are removed, thus the skin is refreshed, its oxygen intake is increased and becomes velvety, smooth. During the treatment we examine the current condition of the skin, after proper and thorough skin cleansing we continue the treatment with intensive and effective peeling. After softening the skin, we clean the pores manually and with a vacuum as well for creating a gentler treatment. Your appointment closes with a personalized, moisturizing and pore-tightening mask as well as a mineral makeup.

A quick refreshment for the skin, even during a lunch break. In this treatment, we have collected the basic needs of the skin, which we aim to serve quickly and efficiently using our special, personalized formulas. If your calendar is full, but you still want a little refreshment, this is the best choice for you.

Viruses and infections do not spare our skin either. Using a mask is a growing problem these days. The exhaled air and the mask can cause friction, can agitate acne and inflammation on the face, under the zygomatic bone up to the middle of the neck. We are now providing help and a solution to this skin problem as well! Our intensive treatment includes a hydro abrasive peeling, with AHA acid, while we focus on sebaceous gland production and inflammation reduction, and at the end of the treatment, we deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin with ultrasound. As a closure, we finish the treatment with a mineral makeup that protects the skin from harmful rays and soothes inflammation.