Russian manicure is nothing else than a dry manicure effectuated with a machine that is becoming increasingly popular among professionals and guests alike. The advantage of a machine manicure is that the result is much durable than with a traditional procedure. This also depends, of course, on the growth rate of the natural nail plate, but in general, this type of manicure provides much longer-lasting results. The treatment includes nail condition examination, Russian machine manicure (cuticle removal), filing and polishing of the nail, finishing with hand and nail care with our Nail & Hand oil.


The simplicity of traditional nail polishing and the durability of artificial nail gels are combined with this very popular nail polish, the gel polish. It does not behave like the traditional nail polish, it becomes dry and hard right away. This is an extremely long-lasting method,  even after 3 weeks, only the nail growth is visible. It strengthens and protects soft nails, and due to its flexibility, perfectly assimilates to the nail movements without cracking or detaching. We use BANDI brand products for our services, which are deservedly famous for their beautiful colours and long-lasting results.


Japanese manicure restores the natural beauty and shine of nails and promotes healthy nail growth. As a result, our natural nails are renewed, weak, broken nails are regenerated.

Your nails will receive a beeswax treatment that will make them healthier, stronger and shiny. Beeswax strengthens the nails and brightens the natural colour and makes the shine extremely durable.

Japanese manicure is recommended for weak nails – or after removing artificial nails, it can be applied as a cure every week for at least a month, so the nail plate will get noticeably stronger. After the course of treatment, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain the improved condition.

It is not recommended to varnish nails treated with Japanese manicure, nor is gel varnishing or artificial nail construction after the treatment.


Aesthetic pedicure includes soaking the feet, exfoliating the skin, removing any hard skin from the soles with a scalpel, shaping the nails and hydrating the feet. This includes nail beautifying and removing excess skin from the nail beds. Aesthetic pedicure should be repeated once a month.


The elements of our SPA pedicure treatment are the same as the steps of a classical aesthetic pedicure, however, at the end of the treatment, we pamper your tired feet with a refreshing foot massage and apply a specially formulated cream that prevents the feet from drying out and provides a long-lasting, soft feeling.


Pamper your feet after a professional pedicure treatment and choose from the dazzling colours of BANDI brand, so your feet will not only be well-groomed but also radiating in any colour of the actual season. Of course, you can also have this service with additional massage, if you wish.


Ingrown toenails, unfortunately, cause almost constant problems and pain in more and more people. The nail regulator, the so-called, spange treatment provides an opportunity to avoid surgery and also restores the proper growth direction of deformed nails. Nail regulators can be used individually without local anaesthesia.

Applying a spange only takes a few minutes and is hardly noticeable to wear. During the duration of the treatment, daily activities, sports and water activities can be continued in the same way.

With this treatment method, surgical interventions can be avoided. In most cases, the problem caused by ingrown nails is eliminated painlessly, quickly and in the long run.