With our eyelash lifting treatment, we create beautiful, curved lashes for you in just a few seconds. This procedure will beautifully highlight your eyes and beautify your face. Even those who have dense and long lashes sometimes struggle with straight lashes, being less spectacular. As a result of the eyelash lifting, the softly curved lashes provide a natural, beautiful frame to the eye. One of the biggest advantages of eyelash curling is that it does not damage the original lashes and it is enough to repeat the treatment every one and a half months.


With this innovative eyebrow shaping solution, you can create rich, symmetrical and perfectly combed eyebrows. During the treatment, a laminating gel is applied to the cleaned eyebrows, as a result of which the fibers become well-formed. The fixative gel then closes the fiber structure, thus resulting in a semi-permanent effect. At the end of the treatment, the moisturizing serum guarantees proper care. The result of the treatment is rich, beautiful, perfectly combed eyebrows, for up to a month.


False eyelashes lengthen and enrich the original lashes, thus highlighting the look. Unlike tufted false eyelashes, a completely natural effect can be achieved with them. In our salon, we only perform natural-looking 1D and 2D eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are made of a soft, synthetic material similar to human eyelashes, which are naturally curved. The fibers are glued according to the chosen technique, with an excellent, flexible medical glue for the lashes, so that the glued lashes falls out only with the natural lash replacement.


With the help of permanent eyebrow dyeing, we form eyebrows, perfectly matching the shape of the face and correct the imperfections in the colour and curve of the eyebrows. We offer a wide palette of colours, from the natural-looking to the more characteristic eyebrow colour,  the choice is always tailored to the needs of the guest.


It is a painless and long-lasting operation that results in accentuated and beautiful lashes that dress-up the face on its own. Long-lasting eyelash colouring highlights the eye, being practical because you don’t need to use mascara every day and your eyes will still remain contoured, without being damaged. 


Our world-famous sugar paste can do wonders in the field of hair removal, so of course, it is worth using this method when shaping our eyebrows. This procedure causes less pain and redness than the traditional method. The result is a long-lasting, tidy and corrected eyebrow shape. The treatment can also be combined with brow colouring and lamination.