CalmBooster (30 ml)

17,780 Ft

The oak root and propolis extract containing formula calms and protects skin. Furthermore, it prevents and reduces redness and irritations, restores and maintains overall skin health and beauty.
The CalmBooster can calm rosacea, psoriasis, different microbial and chronic eczemas, pyoderma, skin inflammation and burns.
Moreover, it offers protection to the cutaneous cells against photo-induced oxidative stress and combats bacterial proliferation.

CALMBooster… indications: The term “inflamm’­aging” is used to describe the ageing phenomenon induced by chronic, persistent inflammation.
We all know the visible inflammation that is visible on the surface of the skin, with redness representing a sign of infection, irritation or discomfort.
However, inflammation can also be invisible. All skin—and certainly weakened or aged skin—is subject to inflammation, even at low intensities. It is this underlying inflammation that ultimately exhausts the body’s defence system, dismantling key youth-sustaining skin structures, and resulting in collagen and elastin degradation, as well as a breakdown of the skin’s barrier function.
Inflamm’aging is also the cause of skin sagging and reduced collagen production due to it destroying the balance of enzymes in our skin’s barrier.
Also, climatic variations, spicy food, alcohol, emotions or sensitivity can make the skin reactive, redden easily and sting. Small dilated vessels can appear.


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INCI: hemi squalane (c13-15 alkane), coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, sunflower (helianthus annuus) seed oil, oak root extract, propolis extract

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