COSMIX INKA Combo-TimeControl (1ml)

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multilateral skin rejuvenation and defence .. The actives: INKA TOCHE:comes from the Peruvian Amazon region from cat’s claw vine, with ancient knowledge of use to heal deep wounds and as anti-inflammatory. The Cat’s Claw is also used to remove the disturbances between the spirit and the body, which are the major causes of the diseases.  INKA YACON:from yacon leaves, a well known Andean crop. Native inhabitants of Peru used it as food and in traditional medicine.  INKA YAGUAR:is a natural ingredient from selected leaves and stems of the Oenothera rosea. This is a wild harvest native plant from the Peruvian Andes. Traditionally , natives used this plant as poultices to cure blows and bruises. INKA ANATTO is an organic natural ingredient, coming from selected leaves of the Achiote. This is an Amazonian plant that offers skin protection since immemorial time by the tribes of the region. INKA CAMUextracted from Amazonian Camu camu fruit, one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C, that provides for the skin an important antioxidant capacity against free radicals, one of the causes of its premature ageing.


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INCI: aqua, propanediol, uncaria tomentosa extract, smallanthus sochifolius extract, oenothera rosea extract, bixa orellana leaf extract, myciaria dubia fruit extract


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