EnergyBooster (30 ml)

17,780 Ft

CosMix EnergyBooster is like a battery for cell life. Its antioxidant properties boost energy production by enabling our bodies to fight ROS.The formula also increases the collagen density of the dermis, makes the skin revitalized, dull complexion, and reduces dark circles.

To reveal fresh, healthy, toned skin every day, our cells need energy. Without energy, the cell can’t regenerate, their metabolism slows and the skin is unable to produce collagen fibres.The body’s unique source of cellular energy, the mitochondria, act like biological batteries. In order to minimize signs of fatigue, the mitochondria should be protected, to limit its natural degradation by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)


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INCI: rapeseed (brassica campestris seed) oil, hemi squalane (c13-15 alkane), polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, stevia (rebaudiana) extract, rockrose (cistus monspeliensis) extract

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