PANDHY’S™ Loose Mineral Foundation (10 g)

13,340 Ft

It is important for the foundation to look natural, in order to achieve this, we have to find the shade which best suits our skin. Foundation can be called good, when the foundation blends into the skin, while it evens out different tones, and gives the appearance of perfectly coloured skin.

To find the right shade of colour, test the foundation on the forehead or the chin.

There are two secrets to creating the perfect foundation with the mineral based powder foundation: one is the perfectly clean, hydrated and dry skin, the other is the right brush, use the Deluxe Flat Kabouki  brush. Always bear in mind that only a little of the stuff because we work with concentrated pigments without buffer substances!  

 Variations of foundation application:

  1. Sprinkle a little foundation into the lid of the pot, then fill up the brush with circular movements. A very small amount of foundation is needed shake of any excess, by gently hitting the brush against the rim of the pot, so that the foundation does not go to waste. The foundation must reach the root of the knotting from the surface of the brush, this can be achieved by hitting the handle of the brush gently and vertically to the table top.

Begin the application with fine yet firm circular movements starting out from the ears towards the nose, and  respectively from the forehead to the cheeks. This use of the brush reminiscent of polishing is very important to achieve an even foundation with a natural-look effect. This use of the brush also prevents the powder from setting into fine wrinkles, thus making them prominent.

To achieve the perfect shade and coverage we have to repeat the above application process at least twice.

  1. Fill up your brush with foundation as described above. Prior to applying the foundation spray a little Dew Tonic or water on the surface of the brush filled with foundation or spray the water directly on your skin then proceed with the application of the foundation.  A more intensive coverage can be achieved with this method. It is important to work quickly with this method; we can only apply the foundation evenly with this long method until the skin does not dry.


  1. Put a little of your favourite day cream  into your palm.

Add a little mineral base powder to the cream, and blend it with your fingertips. You will see that the pigment immediately combines with the cream in a homogenic blend.

Apply the mixture to the skin with your fingertips, cosmetic sponge or taklon brush as you would apply the classic cream/liquid based foundations and spread evenly. Use the foundation in two layers on imperfections and circles for perfect coverage.

We recommend you mix up only as much foundation as you will really use, because even though the mineral foundation is a lifeless and inert substance, the cream it is mixed with is not, so it can be a culture media for various bacteria.  

Claire (101) A neutral shade for light complexions.

Sandra (103) A natural shade for medium-light skin tone

TanGirl (108) Caucasian shade, with warm bronze tone

Canela (115) Yellow-red medium shade

Amy (120) A pink shade in the light-medium range.

Martella (107) Dark shade with both blue and red undertones.


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