Revived from old cultures and traditions, the sugar paste is adapted to the needs of the age and the associated depilation process offer a perfect and long-lasting solution for all skin and hair types. It removes very short, even ingrown hairs in their natural growth direction gently and effectively. Thus, this hair removal method is much less painful and injury-free. This method excludes broken hairs.

The sugar, this wonderfully natural, body-own substance has beyond depilation unimaginable possibilities both in the cosmetics salon as well as in the home treatment. 

The PANDHY’S ™ sugar paste is made according to the ancient oriental recipe of sugar and water using a patented process without citric acid! 


Why is it important to omit the citric acid? 


The citric acid has an astringent (pore-shrinking) effect, which does not help us with hair removal. As the citric acid increases the sensitivity of the skin to light, thus in extreme cases can lead to light allergies as well!

The PANDHY’S ™ sugar is therefore lemon-free. It consists exclusively of the two monosaccharides glucose and fructose plus water, the body’s own substances in its purest form. This also makes them compatible with very sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, what more, you can even eat it!

PANDHY’S ™ Depilation Sugar Paste only adheres to the hair, not the skin. Thanks to this behaviour we can return to the same skin surface several times, it completely removes the hair and does not leave any hair broken into the follicles, nor red, irritated skin. It gently removes dead skin cells, making the treatment significantly less uncomfortable. The result is a long-lasting smooth skin. 

PANDHY’S ™ Sugar Paste is massaged manually on the surface of the skin to be depilated, in the opposite direction of hair growth. The paste is body-warm, so there is no risk of burning yourself. Our sugar paste surrounds the hair, flowing into the follicle to a certain depth. The extraction in the direction of hair growth is complete, leaving no broken hairs in the follicle.

This PANDHY’S ™ product is perfectly hygienic, sugar itself being a natural preservative, it does not allow any bacteria to settle in the paste, it retains its quality forever. It can be perfectly removed from skin, textiles and all other materials and surfaces with lukewarm water, so cleaning after treatment is easy, no need for various chemicals.

It’s time to think differently about depilation!


Our sugaring treatments are available with time unit-based pricing instead of counting the body areas. This makes it easier to decide when booking, as more than one area can be combined in the selected time zone. Thanks to the maximum efficiency of our beauticians, you can enjoy the effect of our world-famous sugar paste on several body regions at the most economical prices possible. 

Important to know: Avoid sunbathing, solarium, hot bath, sauna, intense sweating on the days after your treatment. Women are advised to avoid hair removal during menstruation as the female body is more sensitive to pain at this time.

20 minutes

7.000 Ft

40 minutes

10.000 Ft

60 minutes

14.500 Ft

80 minutes

17.500 Ft

100 minutes

20.000 Ft

120 minutes

22.000 Ft

140 minutes

24.000 Ft


  • first of all it is painful,  wax also sticking to living skin cells, they traumatize the skin, most of them increasing the discomfort even with the high temperature, in some cases leading to skin burns
  • often causes allergic symptoms
  • the result is not perfect, the treatment requires a minimum hair length of 5-10 mm, guests are reluctant to grow their hair, especially during the summer. With short, broken and ingrown hair, the wax can’t do anything, even though waxing is one of the main causes of ingrown hairs, because by extracting the hair against the direction of growth, deformities of normal follicle position are inevitable 
  • not durable enough because when the hair is long enough for waxing, the extraction happens in the telogen phase, so the new hair grows under the hair to be removed, so it determines the length of the “hairless” period
  • in addition to all this, it even sticks, leaving wax stains that is either not at all or very difficult to clean


  • 2-3 mm hair length is enough for hair removal
  • Longer period with smooth, hairless skin, because we can remove hair even in the anagen phase
  • minimal pain, sugar paste removes hair in its proper growing direction
  • Does not break or cause ingrown hair 
  • no irritation, redness, as it does not stick to living skin cells
  • Warmed to body temperature, not hot, does not burn the skin
  • Causes no allergy, consisting of pure sugar and water, without citric acid
  • wonderful peeling at the same time, collects dead epithelial cells, resulting in smooth skin
  • Hungarian product, recognized with several national and international awards


If you are looking for perfection combined with pleasure, sugar paste can be your only choice. Pure sugar and water, which will definitely not cause allergies. It lifts the hair out of the skin without breaking them while collecting the dead cells and all this with a pleasant, lukewarm substance that the expert beautician massages into your skin. Removal only causes a short moment of inconvenience that we can forget immediately after feeling the result. It does not matter how short or long the hair is and where it is… The skin remains silky, hydrated and smooth for 3-4 weeks after hair removal.

Sugar wax is a traditional wax, as the name suggests, with a little sugar added. It causes allergies and irritation to more and more people. It “works” on the surface of the skin even in expert hands, carrying all the inconveniences of the wax itself. It is applied hot, tears and breaks the fibers and destroys living skin. Extraction is very painful with it. Skin becomes irritated after depilation and hair appears already after 2 weeks.