The Founder, Gertrud Borbíró

The PANDHY’S ™ brand was created by Gertrud Borbíró. She created the depilatory sugar products that made the brand famous, she is the holder of the patents, she developed the depilatory techniques related to the materials as well as the training method and she trained the first instructors of the process worldwide. She is also the inventor of the PANDHY’S ™ product, and most of them were born from her development.

The concept

From the first moment of the company’s operation, the development concept was and has become a unique, but at the same time professionally unquestionably original and trendsetter mindset.

As a relatively young and small company, CosMed Ltd. could and does count on success in the market of professional cosmetics with many players only if it opposes the trends. We can’t wish anyone to follow us if we get to the end of the line and go after the others. We can only hope that there will be someone who will come after us if we move in the other direction and, of course, if we are able to make our own path attractive to others.

So the recipe starts with having a well-defined market, such as a market for professional cosmetics. Why is this good? If the market we target is well defined, it is easy to identify, find, and address.

The next step is to have something special in our hands. You don’t have to think about big discoveries, of course, discovery is a difficult thing and not just a matter of determination. However, being innovative is not difficult. We believe this is primarily a matter of worldview, openness and attitude. We need to know the market, our users, if we know and understand the market we are targeting, we will also see its gaps, and we need to be brave enough to believe that we can offer something there.

Anyone who follows this path is good to view the customer as a thinking being who has wit and uses it. This is good because the mind itself is a mechanism that can be controlled as efficiently as the machines on the production line. We don’t have to be afraid of unconventional thoughts and approaches, if we approach smartly and understandingly, we will do with our customers what we want.

What we do is sell special products garnished with an impressive story. With our products, we also sell our direct users (i.e. beauticians) the experience that they are selected in a sense and different from others because, for example, they gain the right to purchase by completing a course. So we are not just selling a product, but knowledge and information.

At this point, then, the point is to do everything; the product, the related communication, everything must be personalized, in connection with everything the customer must have the impression, the experience that the whole point is about him and right for him. He is even part of the developments, his needs determine the product policy, development directions, etc. In the case of PANDHY’S™ this is exactly the case; indeed, we go further and further based on feedback from customers.

If our “entry” is good, that is, the basic product with which we have entered the market and with which we have set foot, then the road is much smoother and simpler. PANDHY’S™ put its foot in the doorway with sugar depilation. To this day, sugar depilation is the company’s flagship. What we provide to the user with this has created a reputation for the brand that our market worldwide has become almost unconditionally receptive to everything that comes from us, connected to us.

At the same time, the market relentlessly expects, of course, to continue to receive special, original and top quality, as it identifies the brand with these criteria, so it is loyal and definitely accepting in our direction.

So we cannot allow us to do one thing; we cannot disappoint our client and market, we cannot deceive them, because then there is an irreversible end to trust and thus to success.

This is how the business and product policy can be summarized, which we follow from the beginning in Hungary and in all our foreign markets by our distributors.

As a consequence of the natural evolution of the company and the product family, the service branch has developed in parallel with the product development, production and distribution, as well as the vocational training activities, ie PANDHY’S ™ salons have opened one after the other worldwide.

At first, depilation salons were typical under the name PANDHY’S™, but as the product range expanded, so did service units with a full range of salons.

Under the PANDHY’S™ brand, a range of products covering the full range of professional cosmetic services is now available.

Another stage of development is the development and launch of the PANDHY’S beautique™ international franchise network system. In addition to a large amount of accumulated knowledge and professional and business experience, this step was made possible and timely by the creation and launch of the CosMix your blend-your beauty product line.

The PANDHY’S ™ CosMix product family takes a completely innovative approach to body and skincare in a way that goes against the conventions. The concept is based on the premise that we are all unique, just as our skin is completely unique and our cosmetic needs and expectations change from time to time.

Conventional skincare primarily tries to treat different skin types, the CosMix – your blend – your beauty concept serves the real-time needs and current priorities of the guest.

Given the fact that the skin is alive and constantly changing, it interacts with the environment, current conditions, it is affected by climate, lifestyle, sleeping habits, sleep quality, eating habits, current nerves and state of mind, emotions and lots and lots of everything else.

As always with PANDHY’S™, every element of the CosMix product family has been created with scientific precision and ingenious ingenuity.

By using it, it is possible to practice cosmetics at the highest possible level, both in the field of salon services and home skincare. With this quality standard and nursing concept, we have a tool in our hands to address and serve salon guests that responds to all consumer expectations and needs of today, regardless of age, geography, culture and ethnicity.

The versatility, combinability, and modular nature of the system literally make it customizable, both the treatments and the formulas themselves.