The history of PANDHY'S™

CosMed Ltd. was established in 2004 as a classic family business for the production and distribution of self-developed, patent-protected, professional sugar depilation products. PANDHY’S ™ thoroughly stirred the stagnant water of both domestic and international salon depilation with its professional hair removal sugar products and the related depilation process in 2004. It offered a material and a process that was sharply opposed to current trends and habits, innovative in all respects, and astonishing the profession, which, in contrast to the resins and waxing that prevailed at the time, opened up a whole new dimension in depilation. For years, uncompetitive PANDHY’S ™ sugar – referred to in many places only as “world-famous Hungarian sugar” – has gained a reputation worldwide during the years of hegemony that has made it an unavoidable factor in the professional market.

To this day, the company is exclusively owned by Hungarians and is a family business. In the early years, it was operated under one-man management. Due to the rapid growth, the conscious construction of the company structure began in 2008. Product development and management are still in the hands of the owners. Today, the number of employees in CosMed Kft. is 25, approaching 40 at the company group level. The company operates with headquarters in Sóskút, at its own gorunds. At this site, the entire administration is complicated and the management of the company operates, as well as the production of patented products takes place there.

The initial 5-item product range has now expanded to 300+ members. A certain proportion of the products are made in Hungary on the basis of self-developed recipes. There are also some products on the palette that are produced in foreign locations due to the specific technological requirements of the production.

Our company operates in Germany, Spain, England and Hong Kong with the same ownership structure. The company philosophy is aiming to be unique in every step of the way, where we offer solutions in contrast to the usual and the traditional, or in different ways and methods. This determines the direction of our product development and the operation itself.

We entered the market with the depilatory sugar paste without any competitors. With this we have established our market positions, with this we have gained a reputation among our users, on the basis of which everything that comes from us has become inclusive almost without reservations. Of course, there is a relentless expectation to continue to produce special, original and top quality products, as our customer identifies us with these criteria.

We have continuous innovation, new product developments. In addition to depilation, we offer specials for facials, body treatments and makeup. The year 2013 brought our SPA products, opening up another segment of the professional beauty industry for us. We have a strong base with the former, with the latter we try to maintain the average annual growth of 30% over the last 10 years.

The novelty of 2014 is the family of TrueDelight ™ luxury cosmetics with a particularly high active ingredient content, Nature & Progres certification, which, like PANDHY’S™ products, is a professional line; we do not distribute them on networks. Then in 2015, a long-cherished dream came true with the creation of the CosMix product line. As an obsessed believer in uniqueness and creativity, CosMed Ltd. has created a customized cosmetic product family, a concept where special, well-varied formulas and the therapist’s expertise work together to create the true miracle of cosmetics; personalized beauty care.

We sell not only a product but also a process, techniques and as such knowledge and know-how. Education plays a key role in our activities. We use our own textbooks, written and audio-visual aids, and our own developed educational, training and retraining programs to teach application techniques related to the use of our products worldwide.

Our instructors and experts are sought-after and popular speakers for international professional programs, which gives us the opportunity to add a scientific character to our marketing activities in both existing and new markets.

In 2012, CosMed Ltd. Also entered the cosmetology training market. Within the framework of the PANDHY’S™ Beauty Academy operated by the company, high-level cosmetic training is provided, and we teach our own, also accredited training programs. As there is a great demand for well-trained beauticians and beauty therapists in Europe and around the world, we have collaborated with one of the most prestigious international cosmetics training and certification organizations, CIDESCO, in order to increase the “marketability” of Hungarian beauticians. At our school, students can also earn a CIDESCO degree that is recognized and accepted in more than 40 countries around the world, from Australia, through South Africa, to the United States.

In 2006, our first central reference salon opened in downtown Budapest. Another nearly 50 PANDHY’S ™ reference salons operate worldwide, and their number is constantly growing. Based on the experience and success of the reference salons and the ongoing analysis of markets, current trends and consumer habits, we decided that all the conditions were in place to launch the PANDHY’S ‘franchise salon network as PANDHY’S beautique ™ – skinique and sugar spot, in 2019

In general, based on objective indicators and self-assessment, we consider the company’s marketability and positions in both domestic and foreign markets to be outstandingly good. This favourable situation is undoubtedly due to our good market entrant, i.e. the product with which we first entered the market. This is its uniqueness, lucky timing and consistently high quality, as well as high added value – training, further training, continuous follow – up, customer service, etc. – for a reason, it has grounded our position on a level that is easy to build on.

We consider it our strength to continuously fulfil the role of a niche manufacturer, to personalize both the products and the communication with our customers, to give them the impression and experience that is completely real in our case, that he, the customer, is the whole thing, the centre of our operation is that every point is about him and just for him, even part of the developments, his needs determine the product policy and development directions.